You think because you understand one, you must understand two, because one and one makes two. But you must also understand and. — Sufi


Business Transformers

Grow and Amplify the Value of Design for Your Organisation with Us.
For Your Customers.
For Your Business.
For Your Team(s).

We start where others stop. And we follow through with you. All the way.

A multitude of agencies, studios, consultancies, trainers etc. out there seem to solve problems for you. They will design and create products/services for you, run workshops with your execs and teams, teach some methods etc. And then? All you have then is a solution you still cannot create yourself end-to-end. Critical knowledge that is highly volatile because you do not possess it. A problem ‘solved’ on the whiteboard but not implemented. A box full of tools not anchored in any regular practice, without the experience to make it efficient and, above all, effective. Do you really want to leave it at that? What about your capabilities as a company?

How many trainers and method coaches do you know that have actual hands-on experience bringing something to market? Methods will not save you, facing the actual challenge of getting an innovation to market from idea to end-of-life. Facing the challenge of founding a new business, pivoting it until a viable business model with a profitable market is found, and actually scaling it up – including teams and culture.

We know what it takes: we have gone all the way – for nearly two decades. We have helped to grow highly innovative companies from early stage bootstrapping to maturity. We have conceived new products, succesfully brought them to market, optimised them, and phased them out. And, alas, we have also experienced numerous failures and growth pains – so you do not have to.

‘Building a creative culture and a design-thinking capacity within the organization itself remains the best way to ensure that a company will thrive in the face of fast-paced change and unanticipated disruptions. Doing so is a design activity in its own right and may require designers and organizations to rethink design thinking.’ — Prof. Thomas Fisher/Jess Roberts (Minnesota Design Center)


  • Consulting
  • Facilitation: Workshops, Sprints, Team and Stakeholder Interaction
  • Mentoring & coaching:
  • Organisation Design: Culture, Structure, Operations (Processes/Workflows/Governance/…)
  • Interims Leadership





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