You think because you understand one, you must understand two, because one and one makes two. But you must also understand and. — Sufi


Digital Transformers

Innovation and Strategy
via Design Thinking and Doing
for Sustainable Growth

We are doing our best work at the intersection of culture, technology, and business. Design thinking and doing bridges these areas and provides vision, meaning, structure. Digital transformation has been a golden thread in our lives for over three decades now. We therefore understand that its acceleration and exponentially growing impact is not just about technology but foremost about culture, relationships, the way we work and how we are creating value. Nothing will remain as it was. Is your business going to have a seat at the future tables?

This change includes ourselves: the ‘digital studio/agency’ is an oxymoron – the former agency model for design is dead: nobody in their right mind is going to outsource crucial functions of their business. The former crafts model for design as a profession has been dead even longer. Organisations that want to thrive in the experience-centric 21st century economy will need to grow and mature design savvy all across their teams. Over the last decade our focus as a consultancy has thus been shifting from products to people and organisations.

‘Building a creative culture and a design-thinking capacity within the organization itself remains the best way to ensure that a company will thrive in the face of fast-paced change and unanticipated disruptions. Doing so is a design activity in its own right and may require designers and organizations to rethink design thinking.’ — Prof. Thomas Fisher/Jess Roberts (Minnesota Design Center)


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